Our Guidance Department is dedicated to the school community and is based on the democratic concept of the dignity and worth of the individual: that each individual can develop, to the best of their ability, the capacity to solve their own problems and to make their own decisions.


    The comprehensive counseling program at Holy Cross Academy is designed to service the needs of all students in academic, personal, social, career and college areas. During the course of the academic year, each counselor is expected to meet with a student at least once in order to get to know the individual student as well as to discuss short term and long term goals. The reality is that most students meet with their counselor several times during the year.


    During the freshman year, the focus is on the transition to high school and getting involved in activities. Sophomore year students complete our career navigation course to help them select and research a desired career. The focus in junior year is on the college search. Senior year we concentrate on applying to college and for scholarships.


    A student or parent may request a meeting with a counselor any time throughout the school year. Students may stop by the guidance office and put his or her name on the counselor’s sign-up sheet on the counter. The counselor will send an appointment slip to the student the next day. Parents may call the counselor to request an appointment for themselves or to ask the counselor to meet with their child. Email is a great way to contact your child's counselor to ask questions or to set up an appointment.


    CEEB Code #311-317