At Holy Cross Academy we endeavor to serve the academic, religious and social needs of students. In a college preparatory environment, we encourage and employ the use of student centered learning, and utilize 21st century technology to develop a career driven educational model. This will help prepare our students for not only college but the ever changing professional world. Holy Cross prides itself in not only preparing our students for college but giving them the ability to earn college credit while still in high school.  



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    Robert M. DiMedio III

    Associate Principal 


    (856) 461-5400 x3004




    20 Credits of Religion

    20 Credits of English

    15 Credits of Lab Sciences1

    10 Credits of Physical Education (9&10)

    10 Credits of U.S. History (1&2)

    5  Credits of World History

    15 Credits of Math

    10 Credits of World Language2

    5 Credits of Visual, Performing, or Practical Arts3


    ***Plus electives to equal 40 credits per year as well as service requirements while in attendance at Holy Cross Academy 


    1Must include Biology and Chemistry OR Biology and Environmental

    2Must be the same language

    3Beginning with the Class of 2020, students will be required to successfully complete 5 credits in the visual, performing, and/or practical arts.