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    Religion Chairperson


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  •  Teen Lures Program: This program meets all the requirements of the Bishops’ Charter under Article 12 which Holy Cross Academy is required for protecting our students. Implementation of this program began for all students in January of 2016. The care and protection of our children is a hallmark of Catholic education and fundamental to who and what we believe in our Catholic Church. Teens face complicated issues and this program will present the most effective strategies to your children through education, communication, vigilance, and trust. This material will be presented every school year in all Religion classes.


    1010 Religion 1: Sacred Scripture

    Grade: 9

    5 Credits

    Semester Prerequisite(s): None In keeping with the requirements set forth by The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB), this sophomore course is divided into two sections.


    First Section: This introduction to the biblical texts is both a companion for prayerful study and a survey of the context, message, and authorship of each book. It also provides students with a plan for reading and studying the Bible in concert with the Holy Spirit and Church teaching.


    The text provides historical context for biblical literature and its analysis is mindful that Scripture must be read within the living Tradition of the Church; in so doing, the text examines the relationship between Scripture and the doctrines of the Catholic faith. While modern historical-critical scholarship is not ignored, the text is balanced by emphasis on the multiple senses of Scripture: literal, spiritual, allegorical, moral, and anagogical.


    Second Section: This section deepens the study of Jesus, highlighting key events in his earthly ministry while unpacking his teachings about God the Father, the Trinity, Mary, and the Holy Spirit. Students learn that the goal of discipleship is a life of grace and holiness and a share of God's everlasting Kingdom. The section encourages a course of action and calls on teens to "pick up their cross" and follow the Lord in this life and beyond by introducing key vocabulary terms, exploring relevant questions of faith, profiling famous Christian disciples, and offering several applications to put the lessons into action.


    Freshman service hour requirement: 10 Hours


    1020 Religion 2: The Pascal Mystery and the Church

    Grade: 10

    5 Credits

    Semester Prerequisite(s): None In keeping with the requirements set forth by The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB), this sophomore course is divided into two sections.


    First Section: This course is the pinnacle of God's redemptive plan for his people. In this section, students delve deeply into the saving actions of the Lord. This text unpacks the meaning of God's sacred and mysterious plan from creation, onward to the consequences of the fall and the promise of a Savior, while ultimately focusing on the Life, Passion, Death, and Resurrection of Jesus Christ.


    Second Section: This section provides students with a means for understanding some of the traditional definitions of the Catholic Church. While acknowledging the importance of the historical perspective, this course emphasizes the living Church that makes Christ present to the world today. The course is constructed around key definitions that help students to formulate an understanding of ecclesiology, such as the People of God, the Church as Servant, and the Church as Sacrament. Each definition has a historical component that traces its meaning through major periods of Church history, helping students understand how the Church reflects the light of Christ today.


    Sophomore service hour requirement: 15 Hours


     1030 Religion 3: Examining the Sacraments through Sacred Scripture

    Grade: 11

    5 Credits

    Semester Prerequisite(s): None This course will afford the student a Christo-centric understanding of the New and Old Testaments. The sacraments will be examined to demonstrate the living nature of Jesus in the Catholic Church today. Valuable insight is offered in the Jewish tradition as it leads the people of God to Christianity. Theological, scientific and historical sources are used. By studying scripture and appreciating the relationship between God and God’s people, the student will come to an awareness of his or her own personal role in the Church today.


    Junior service hour requirement: 20 Hours


     1040 Religion 4: Christian Lifestyles & World Religions

    Grade: 12

    5 Credits

    Semester Prerequisite(s): None This offering includes two distinct courses. One-half semester of Christian Lifestyles will be devoted to exploring the topic of vocations and how God is calling students to ministry in the married life, the single life or the religious life. Onehalf semester of World Religions will investigate the theological and cultural richness found in the various world religions. This study promotes respect and tolerance. It also deepens the students’ understanding of their own Christian faith as they see the differences and similarity between their own faith and the beliefs and practices of other religions.


    Senior service hour requirement: 25 Hours