• Athletic Training Mission Statement

    In conjunction with the mission statement of Holy Cross Academy, our Athletic Training Office is dedicated to providing the highest level of evidence-based health care to the student athletes, coaches and staff. HCA Athletic Training strives to develop effective values in prevention, recognition, evaluation, and rehabilitation of injuries/illness, as well as education of the student athletes, parents, coaches, and the community. Athletic Trainers work with the coaching staff coordinating the health issues of the student athletes to provide for the optimum health and wellbeing of the student athletes.


    The goal of the Holy Cross Academy Athletic Trainer is to prevent, manage, rehabilitate, and return the student athlete to the game as quickly and safely as possible. We encourage all parents/guardians to contact the Athletic Trainer with questions relating to the health and well-being of their student athlete. On the right side of this page you will find contact information as well as resources with useful information.


    Services include:

    • Baseline ImPACT Testing
    • Injury Assessment
    • Injury Prevention
    • Injury Rehabilitation
    • Game and Practice Coverage


    Athletic Training Policies


    When a student athlete sustains an injury he/she should see the athletic trainer for an injury assessment. The injured student athlete should see the athletic trainer daily for his/her required treatments. The student athlete should not return to sport participation until cleared by the athletic trainer.


    If a student athlete is injured and seen by a doctor for a particular injury sustained during school athletics or out-of-school activities, he/she MUST provide a WRITTEN NOTE from the physician allowing the student athlete to participate in school athletics. If a full clearance note cannot be granted, all limitations must be listed for proper rehabilitation to take place by the HCA athletic trainer. Student athletes will not be allowed to participate in athletic activities without a doctor’s note. The student athlete will NOT BE ALLOWED to participate in school athletics until a clearance note is received. Under NO circumstances will a parental note suffice for return to participation.


    If a student athlete sustains a head injury (i.e. concussion), he/she should not return to school until they have seen a physician who is trained in the evaluation and management of concussions. The student athlete MUST provide a WRITTEN NOTE from the physician with the diagnosis and the protocol the student athlete should follow. Following physicians clearance, a student athlete will follow the return to play guidelines as determined by school policy and state law, based on the latest published guidelines.  


    ImPACT Testing

    Every student athlete will undergo a neuropsychologial assessment through the use of the computer based ImPACT test.  The test provides an objective measurement of attention span, working memory, sustained attention, reaction time, response variability, visual and verbal memory, selective and non-verbal program solving.  The test results for each baseline test is password protected and will be retained on a secure ImPACT server.


    If a sports related concussion should occur during the season, the athlete will be retested with ImPACT.  The retest results will be compared to the baseline and can assist the medical staff in making return to play decisions.


    Your student athlete will be scheduled to complete the baseline ImPACT testing either during the summer or after the individual team rosters have been finalized.


    Information regarding the ImPACT test is available at www.impacttest.com.


    Athletic Trainer


    An Athletic Trainer is a highly qualified, multi-skilled health care professional who collaborates and works with many other health care professionals to provide preventative services, emergency care, clinical diagnosis, therapeutic intervention, and rehabilitation of injuries and medical conditions. An Athletic trainer works under the direction of a physician as prescribed by state licensure statutes.


    Dr. Sean McMillan, D.O., Supervising Physician

    Lourdes Medical Associates - Professional Orthopedics

    Burlington County Appt Number: 609-747- 9200

    Camden County Appt Number: 856-470- 9029