Textbooks now available at our official virtual bookstore!


    We have worked with our bookstore partner, Follett, to make the textbooks your child will need for the coming year available on our virtual bookstore website: www.hclance.bkstr.com


    Why should you shop our virtual bookstore?


    • We have worked with Follett to ensure each book listed on the site is correct and is available in the quantities needed for each student.
    • The bookstore offers books in new and used formats, and in many cases books can also be rented.  Book rental typically saves half the cost of a new book.
    • Follett works to provide materials at the best prices coupled with service you can trust.  If there is a problem with a book, the school has direct contact with Follett to make it right.  Books from other sources will not be guaranteed in this way.
    • The school has a stake in sales made on bookstore purchases.  We use our share for school services and programs.  Books purchased elsewhere do not provide the school this added benefit.


    If you have questions, or need help ordering, contact Follett at 877-827-2665 or email K12CustomerService@fvb.follett.com


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    You can sign up for bookstore email updates at www.hclance.bkstr.com/email