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    Deciding on a school is one of the most important decisions a family can make and we would be honored to partner with you in your educational journey. For over 60 years we have been a beacon for faith, respect, and diversity in South Jersey. The high school application process can be exciting, unsettling, a bit confusing, or all of the above. We are here to help! 

    At Holy Cross, we use a web-based application service called SchoolAdmin for the submission of online applications. Please click on the link below to access our online application as well as all other forms needed to complete your future lancer's application. Once you click on the link below, you will be asked to create an account in order to access the application. Please make a note of your account information so that you may use it going forward. 

    If you have any questions throughout the application process, please reach out us at (856) 461-5400 x 3026. 

    Click on the link below to begin your legacy and leave your mark!

     Online Application


    Steps to Success

    1.  Complete the online application

    2.  Application Essay (emailed)

    3.  Student Transcripts 

    4.  Teacher Recommendation
    5.  Mail in your application payment  ($40 for incoming freshman, $55 for transfers)

    Once the above steps have been completed, you will be reviewed for admission! Following acceptance into Holy Cross, the enrollment stage will begin.

    Enrollment (Stage 1- Due by December 20th)

    6. Complete/Sign FACTS Agreement
    7. Complete Financial Aid 
    8. Complete Scholarship and Grant Essays and paperwork (optional)

    Awards will be made on January 8th and mailed to Lancer families

    Enrollment (Stage 2)
    9. Complete/Sign Tuition Contract
    10. Submit Registration Fee

    With the completion of the above, you are officially enrolled and we will generate your schedule! 

     Lancer Onboarding
    The remaining steps, 11-15, must be submitted to the Admissions Office BEFORE August 20, 2018  

    11.  Health/Medical Forms

    12.  Birth Certificate (copy)

    13.  Transportation Form B6T (required for each student even if they do not plan to ride the bus)
    14.  PC Agreement (Signed by both the parent/guardian and student)
    15.  Technology Use Policy (Signed by both the parent/guardian and student)
             hca b&w building
     Never hesitate to call the Admission Office for more information or help!