Lancer Merit Scholarships

    The following Academic Scholarships are available to qualified applicants of the Class of 2022:


    The Maroon & Gray Scholarship

    The Sr. Joan Companick Scholarship

    The Sr. Carolyn Mullen Scholarship

    The St. Paul of All Nations


    Scholarship Eligibility Requirements:

    • Superior Academic Ability
    • Demonstrated proficiency on the HPST exam
    • Strong leadership skills
    • Student involvement in Community
    • Personal interview will be conducted with the Admission Committee.

    Class of 2022 Lancer Merit scholarship recipients will be notified of such awards with admissions decision in January.


    Named Scholarships

    Due to the commitment and generosity of the Holy Cross Community, many named scholarships have been created to financially assist students and their families.  Each applicant must demonstrate commitment to scholastic effort, willingness to work to full potential, and exhibit an appreciation for the opportunity.  The eligibility requirements may include demonstration of financial need.  To be considered for a need-based scholarships, a FACTS Grant and Aid application will need to be completed.  Online applications will be available as of November 1, 2017 through a link provided on the Holy Cross Academy website.


    Lancer Community Scholarships

    Holy Cross has a tradition of providing our students with an environment where they can excel as individuals and grow into goal-driven adults.  Our Lancer Community has established scholarship funds to provide assistance to bridge the gap between what a family can afford to contribute and the cost of Holy Cross education.  Each applicant must demonstrate consistent academic performance, leadership ability and strong character.

    The information provided offers just a glimpse of what encompasses the Scholarship and Tuition Assistance program. Please contact the Office of Admissions for more information regarding opportunities.