Holy Cross Academy Theatre

  • The Theatre Department at Holy Cross Academy is alive and working all year long in multiple capacities: The Lancer Players, Stage Crew & Drama Guild.


    The Lancer Players consist of our many talented singers, actors and dancers at Holy Cross. They perform two shows a year: a Fall Play & a Spring Musical.


    Auditions for the Fall Play are typically in late September or early October. Rehearsals for the Fall Play are in the evenings up until performances in late November or early December.


    Auditions for the Spring Musical are typically in late December or early January. The Spring Musical rehearses in the evenings up until performances in April or May. For more information on the Lancer Players, contact Mrs.Bacon at Brenda.Bacon@holycrossacademy.org.


    The Stage Crew consists of our students who make theatre magic behind-the-scenes. Stage Crew work after school on the sets, lights, costumes, sound, and run crew for both the Fall Play & Spring Musical. For more information on Stage Crew, contact Mrs.Bonner at SBonner227@gmail.com.


    The Drama Guild is an after school club that meets to work on an actor’s skill set through improvisational  games, monologue work, audition prep and script analysis. For more information on the Drama Guild, contact Mrs. Bacon at Brenda.Bacon@holycrossacademy.org.


     From our 2016 Spring Musical Cast and Crew:

    "A whimsical account of the fun and exciting moments the family of Holy Cross Academy's 2016 spring musical, Pippin, shared throughout the entirety of the musical season. Recordings began shortly after the first rehearsal and went until opening night. This video was posted after the show closed as a tribute to the nights we laughed so hard we cried, the days we trudged through school after late LATE rehearsals, and the times we became even closer than we were during our last show.”

    -Olivia Felicia, Class of 2018


    Pippin Cast Video